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ACOSS (Central Agency for Social Security): this body is responsible for collecting contributions under the general Social Security scheme and distributing them to the various branches


The affiliation request is the procedure required for reimbursement, whereby the service provider (direct worker, childminder, legal entity providing personal services) asks to register with CRCESU in order to be reimbursed for the CESU vouchers received for the provision of personal services.

Affiliation to the worker network

Registration with CRCESU (or "affiliation") concerns associations, companies, local authorities - whether they are service providers or agents - as well as salaried workers.

Individual workers can register directly online or by post (downloadable from this site) and send it to CRCESU by post.

Legal entities (associations and companies) and self-employed entrepreneurs must send their form (downloadable from this site) to CRCESU by post, together with the required documents, including the certificate of approval


An agency is an association or company that acts as an intermediary between you (CESU beneficiary and individual employer) and your worker.

Its role is solely to facilitate the search for a worker. In this case, you are the individual employer, so you must declare and pay the employer's contributions to the Urssaf service Cesu.


Approval is a decision by the prefect of the department entitling an organisation providing personal services to tax and social security benefits under the personal services development plan.

Approval is compulsory for personal services organisations working with fragile or vulnerable groups.

Under the terms of the decrees, the following are considered to be vulnerable groups: children under the age of 3, the elderly, the disabled, the sick and, more generally, "dependent people", those who have "difficulty getting around" or "who need personal assistance in their own home".