published on 28/03/2024

For information, Friday March 29 is a day without interbank exchanges, for all banks in the Euro zone. Bank transfers will be blocked for four days from Friday March 29 to Easter Monday in all banks in the Euro zone.

Remember to anticipate your transfer transactions !

Expiry of Pre-funded CESU Title 2023
published on 01/12/2023

Like every year, pay attention to the expiration of the pre-financed CESU that you accept as payment.

Dates to remember for the 2023 pre-funded CESU:

February 29, 2024: Deadline for submission to CRCESU*

No pre-funded 2023 CESU title given after this date will give rise to reimbursement.

You and your customers: January 31, 2024 end of acceptance of the latest CESU 2023

Download our document “Expiry of 2023 titles”